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For People Wanting to Know if a Somatic Approach to Therapy is the Right Next Step

Meet with me to see if our somatic approach to therapy is right for you.

In the Free 15-Min Phone Consult We Will:

  1. Discuss Your Current Goals for Therapy

  2. Discuss How Somatic Therapy Could Help You Toward Your Goals

  3. Set an Appointment for Therapy if it's the Right Fit!

Could our Somatic Approach Be Right For YOU?
If any of these describe you, be sure to click "Yes, That's Me" to schedule the free consultation!

If you've tried talk therapy before and you have a lot of self-awareness but still feel anxious or on edge in your body...

If you know WHY you're attracted to certain kinds of people that aren't good for you but still feel attracted to them...

If you know your trauma story but you wish you didn't still feel so triggered in certain situations and relationships...

If you've practiced meditation, breath work, or yoga but want it to translate into ease and empowerment beyond those moments of practice...

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