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Therapy Collective

Nurturing conscious connections with Self, others, & the universe in 
San Diego, California

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Who we are

A small team of therapists who help adults nurture conscious & satisfying complex relationships with Self, others, & the Universe by using a nervous system approach to therapy. 

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What we offer

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Ready to take the next step in therapy?

If you've tried therapy before and gained all the insight about your attachment style, love language, "picker" problems, and family of origin trauma...but you've realized that having that information doesn't help change who you're actually attracted to or getting unstuck from those unsatisfying patterns, then it may be time to try a new approach. 

Our bodies are programmed to stay "stable" which can include staying in chaos or rigidity even when we don't want to.  Information doesn't always change our bodies inclinations-- what arouses, calms, excites, relaxes your body isn't always up to you. It's up to your nervous system conditioning. And sometimes that conditioning is "picking" unavailable partners, chaotic friendships, or boring & uninspiring relationships. And it's familiar, but you know on a deep level that you can get more out of relationships, and life. 


Can You Relate?

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If you do relate...

Traditional talk therapy isn't always prepared to decondition that nervous system-level programming. We need a different approach and understanding.

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